These particular cartons have the added strength of a natural wax which ensures that your product is protected from harvest to end-user.

The wax application adds strength to the carton by making it highly water resistant thus prolonging the life of the packaging in cool rooms and freezer climates.


A range of un-waxed cartons in both one and two piece units are available. Two piece cartons are excellent for presenting your produce at market as they can be reopened and closed allowing inspection of produce without damaging the packaging. Because we use high quality virgin materials to produce all our fruit and vegetable cartons, the rate of moisture absorption is lower than that of other recycled products. Many customers currently use this product in conjunction with a liner to help prevent unnecessary moisture penetration. Let us help you design packaging that stores, protects and promotes your product.


Next our friendly staff will work with you to decide what board strength is needed, and what sizing is most suitable for best pallet configuration.

Lastly we will finish your product with high quality print for maximum exposure, and then it’s time for you to get packing…

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